Servicing your equipment     equipment service


To most divers who value proper regulator servicing, do come to us, we do follow the service specification of your brand of regulators and use the service kits from the relevant manufacturers.

It gives you a peace of mind knowing that it would perform as required while you are scuba diving.

Never leave it unchecked or not serviced regularly as it is your life source down below!!

We offer servicing for BCDs and changing of batteries for Scubapro , Suunto and Mares Dive Computers.



1. Regulator (1st and 2nd stage) servicing, excluding parts and Service Kits.

Standard : Fr $50 per stage, Express : Fr $70 per stage ( within 1 day if parts are available)

Oxygen service – 1st Stage Fr $70 , 2nd Stage Fr $60 and Alt 2nd Fr $60. excluding parts and service kits.

2. BCD servicing : Fr $50. 

3. Dive Computer, Changing of batteries, O-ring and Pressure test : Fr $85. (within 1 hour)


Note : Any additional parts needed for servicing will be informed before we proceed with the servicing.

All standard servicing turnaround time would be about 3-4 working days.