Rental of Scuba Equipment

Our rental gears are serviced regularly and in good working condition.

We offer rental of scuba equipment as follows:

 Stealth 2.0

  • Mask & Snorkel: $7/day
  • Full foot Fins: $6/day
  • ZoesWetsuit: $15/day 
  • Jacket BCD: $20/day 
  • Xdeep Zeos : $35/day
  • Xdeep Hydros 40 wing : $25
  • Xdeep Stealth 2.0 set : $45
  • Regulator: $20/day
  • Weight belt: $2/day
  • Dive Mesh Bag: $5/day
  • Torch: $10/day (batteries not included)
  • Compass: $10/day
  • Dive computer: $25/day
  • Xdeep Black BT/EANX : $25/day


Full set (Jacket BCD) dive gear: $60/day (excluding Dive computer, Torch & Compass)


* Terms & Conditions applies.

Rentors will assume the responsibility to reimburse Marlin Divers Pte Ltd for any damaged or lost of equipment under the care of the individual. Rentors can choose to replace identical equipment or 70% of the equipment retail price.
Rental Gears 1