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PADI Specialty courses are created to give the non-diver or a diver a better understanding of what is around them in regards to the ocean or the environment around them.

To have a better knowledge of safety and no-decompression limits with a different gas mix, taking photos underwater, getting the feeling of good buoyancy, and not getting lost underwater (one very important thing), as one can enjoy every dive, where ever they may be.

Given these various specialties from PADI, divers can continue with their learning process in and out of the water while having a good time doing it.

As you all do know that PADI is about safety and having a really great time on land or underwater.

We at Marlin Divers offer Specialty Courses, giving all our customers quality courses and a great time with Safety always in mind.

Specialties we offer are :

PADI Enriched Air NITROX

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

PADI Equipment Specialist

PADI Digital Underwater Photography

PADI Deep Diver

PADI Drift  Sidemount.

PADI Wreck Diver

PADI Search & Recovery

PADI  Sidemount Diver

PADI Underwater Naturalist

PADI Underwater Navigation

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

PADI Night Diver

PADI Multilevel Diver

PADI Project Aware

PADI Aware Coral Reef Conservationnight

PADI Aware FIsh Identification

PADI Aware Shark Conservation

EFR Care for Children w/AED

Prices are from $170.

Do contact us for more enquiry.


Learning to scuba dive requires both knowledge development and the application of physical skills. PADI eLearning allows you complete the knowledge development component of your PADI Course at your own pace and in your own time. Using an interactive online classroom, you’ll be able to learn all the core principles of scuba diving on your own computer. Learn to scuba dive with PADI eLearning!

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