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Live here, dive here! Our local waters offer plenty of reasons to spice up your weekend without spending time on traveling.

For adventurers’ other places have their charm as well, Marlin Divers offers the perfect combination of local diving and organised dive tours!

We headed to the less travelled Hin Daeng, Hin Muang in the South Andaman Sea. Clear water, a luxurious boat with a great team and the chance of seeing Mantas and whale sharks, what else do you need for your perfect holiday?

We just booked our flights and then got pampered for five days!

We were picked us up at Phuket airport and brought to the pier where we entered our new home for the following couple of days. The crew on board immediately made us feel at home, and knowing that in the next few hours we will start diving and seeing the beautiful South Andaman Sea caused a kind of an electric atmosphere inside the dive teams.

First dive, first briefing. The boat manager introduced us to who is who and what is what, and where to go? Best thing on a LOB is you set up your gears once, and then just leave it there! They refill your tank while you exchange about what you have experienced in the water. Literally your day is made of sleeping, diving, eating, diving, eating, more diving and eating, followed by sleeping. Could it be better? 

Although the sea was a little bit rough during the first two days, the dives made every stomach which might be upset filled with excitement. Diving through an aquarium is no exaggeration. The dive sites around Koh Haa where inhibited with mantis shrimps, banded sea snakes up to 2m, scorpionfish, and a lot of nudibranches etc. Not to mention the schooling fishes surrounding us. We finished 4 dives including one night dive and couldn’t wait to get back in the water the next day.

On the second day we reached Hin Daeng ( Red Rock) and Hin Muang (Purple Rock) which is just an amazing place with the colours of the soft corals. We stayed at this spot for two days accompanied by tunas, barracudas, plenty of lionfish, moray eels and lots of fusiliers and other schooling fish. Water temperature around 29°C and visibility above 30m with mild current made the dives very enjoyable.

The second dive on the third day we were lucky enough to see a manta ray cruising above the unique reefs of Hin Muang. Seeing a Manta is always a very special moment for us, how they effortlessly swim through the waters, how majestic but yet somehow playful they make their turns, it is just amazing to watch them.

On the last day, which came far too fast, we immersed ourselves into ten thousands of yellowtail fusilier at Koh Bida Nok, a place close to the famous Phi Phi Islands. There where so many fish that you almost missed the giant groupers. After finishing our last breakfast of the trip, we have to mention, the food on board was as good as the dives and everyday we could enjoy different tasty dishes, we went on a wreck dive. It was a bit difficult to see the wreck as, again, you had to make you way through fusiliers and this time also schools of puffer and chevron barracudas. We ended the trip with a dive at Shark point and made our way back to Phuket where we had to say goodbye with a very heavy heart. We had a great time on board with all those lovely crew and divers.

Till the next Live on board!


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