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Pulau Hantu ( Ghost island) is located South of the main island of Singapore.

Made up of 2 islets: Pulau Hantu Bersar and Pulau Hantu Kechil.

Many divers have always put off the idea of diving in our own backyard due to the low visibility. However, we have one of the most diverse marine and coral life just at our backyard.

Even with the low visibility, Pulau Hantu offers us a variety of hard and soft corals with a huge variety of nudibranches and flatworms and other marine life commonly seen in the region. On good days, even while snorkelling, you would be able to see the reefs! Pulau Hantu is actually one of the favourite dive sites of Marlin Divers!

Temperature : 26 – 30 degrees celsius.

Good time for diving: All year round. 

Visibility 3 – 10m


Pulau Hantu

Courses and fun dives available on weekdays and weekends.

Day trip: $150/diver- 2 Guided dives with fruit & drinks included.

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